Our values

VentaOne was born with the vocation to offer solutions based on experience, not with the mere profit in mind, but with the intention of reducing the infrastructures necessary to address current needs.

We base our experience on real contributions to the productivity and efficiency of our clients, being this one of our fundamental pillars, since if our client does not acquire a positive experience, a better efficiency, cost savings or an improvement in technology, we will not have done or learned nothing.

VentaOne is born from a modern concept, supporting work-life balance and basing its day-to-day work on a current, sustainable model and adding value from its main message: More for less.

We look for the human team that makes VentaOne, feel proud to be part of the company. With this we will achieve two things that we believe are fundamental for the proper functioning of a business, on the one hand that identifies with the company, take care of their own and take their work as a daily and joyful part of their lives, and on the other hand that all of it is reflected in the final result towards our client. It is evident that without the human team of VentaOne, it would not be possible.

VentaOne, dispenses with unnecessary infrastructure, being consistent with your message. Our work is done through applications in the cloud, thus being always available and not forcing us to be a specific place, which allows us to have flexible schedules so we can dedicate more time to our customers, but also to our families.

We return to the model of active listening to the client looking for the solution that best integrates in their needs and not just the supply of the product.

With all this we can be proud to fulfill our main message: MORE FOR LESS