At VentaOne we want to offer the best service, and that’s why we bet on the custom support, because in all cases the same is not required, not in all cases we will have to support an unnecessary extra expense.

Our way of thinking is the same as yours, that’s why our main message becomes our mantra: MORE FOR LESS

Support 8×5

8 hours a day support from Monday to Friday, ideal for business or office hours. On various occasions, a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support is not necessary, that is why we reinvent the support and adapt it to your needs.

Phone or VoIP support, a better way to solve problems quickly.

Support 8×5+

8 hours a day support, from Monday to Friday, telephone or VoIP, ideal for business or office hours. Unlike normal 8×5, if, as a result of the incident, if an intervention must be scheduled, this can be in 24×7, depending on the needs.

An 8×5 with special attention, for those problems that can not wait.

Support 24×7

A luxury support, 24 days a day, 365 days a year. Telephone support or via VoIP with direct attention.

Designed for those businesses in which a minute of problems at any time of day is a big problem for many. Ideal solution to sleep peacefully, we will be constantly to give you the necessary support.